Thursday, 29 March 2012

My Dream Store my very Own Web Store

With the increase in technology and limited time on our hands it has become a boon for people like me. My dream is finally going to be a reality. I was always enchanted by the fashionable world and wanted to open a chic fashion store. But with the property rates sky rocketing it was tough to get the kind of location I wanted. Then I heard about web stores (webwinkel in Dutch) and it just changed my perspectives.

In these hi tech times it is very easy to start a web store (webwinkel beginnen in Dutch). There are some formalities which need to be completed and voila, you can become an owner of a web shop in the cyber world. Amid the problems like traffic and less time, many people have started shopping online. It has become very convenient and is also safe. With the terms and conditions specified it is easier to buy things online and even get them exchanged in case of any problem.

My personality is going to reflect on my website and I plan to keep my best foot forward with experienced web design team. They will even maintain the website and keep upgrading it according to my proclivity.

With the new and promising upcoming designers, my store is going to have the best of fashion clothing and accessories at inexpensive prices. With a few promotional activities both online and offline I would launch my very first web store.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Ways to promote your web store online as well as off line

Marketing plays a very important role in business. In these competitive times, promoting your business is mandatory. As the competition is growing, so are the ways of advertising. Whether you have an existing store or are planning to start web shop (webwinkel beginnen in Dutch) marketing is the one of the factors responsible for your growth.

For a net visitor to find your web store (webwinkel in Dutch), the most important part is of search engine optimization (SEO) and human visitor optimization. No visitor will be able to find your shop if you don’t work on your SEO. Submit blogs related to you shop on various blog directories and keep updating them. Write and submit press releases/articles. You can use social media optimization (SMO) to promote your store on social networking sites.

One can also ask the existing customers to share their experiences about your web store. You can provide newsletters/subscriptions for giving information of the new products and schemes. Putting up online polls, where a customer /visitor can give suggestions also attracts people. You can also offer the option of various modes of payment and can offer other languages on your web site to attract global visitors.

Another thing one can do to promote a business is to provide a customer service helpline. It makes the visitor feels confident in case of any confusion. Offering special discounts also is a part of marketing your store.

It is also advisable to market your web shop offline. This can be done by having your shop’s logo and URL printed on carry bags or caps or even sponsoring your products as giveaways for competitions. You can ask your friends/family to place bumper stickers with your logo and URL on the vehicles they use.

One can also send greeting cards to existing and potential customers with the logo and URL printed on them. Last but certainly not the least, you can advertise in Yellow pages to reach to the general public.